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Migrate to Australia
Australia is becoming a popular choice for new immigrants. Because of the lucrative opportunities available, an increasing number of Indians are willing to relocate to Australia.
Migrate To Australia

With a welcoming culture, vibrant cities, and sunny beaches, Australia is one of the world’s most desired migration destinations. Highly skilled professionals from all over the world flock to Australia because of its high standard of living and stable economic prospects.
Australia, as an English-speaking country, is simple to integrate into. Because of its large migrant population, Australia has a more cosmopolitan culture. Australia’s enviable citizen benefits and progressive policies make it an excellent place to raise a family.

A Little Bit About Australia

Australia, one of the world’s best-performing economies, is a culturally diverse country with a highly skilled workforce. Australia, a land unlike any other, is the sixth-largest country in terms of land area. Australia is the only country on the planet that occupies an entire continent. According to the most recent United Nations data, Australia’s current population is 26,042,818 people, with 30% of the population coming from other countries. In comparison, the population increased by 194,400 people. Over 200 different nationalities are represented in Australia’s population.

How to Migrate to Australia from India – Australia Immigration

Skilled and talented Australians have numerous opportunities to improve their prospects through immigration. Professional and experienced young people are invited to work, study, and live in Australia to help the country’s economy grow and settle permanently. It is now easier to apply for and obtain a skilled visa in Australia, thanks to new point system changes that went into effect on November 16, 2019.

Every year, millions of immigrants come to the “Land Of opportunity” to better their lives. These newcomers want to build a comfortable, luxurious life for themselves and their families. All credit goes to the various settlers who have repeatedly moved to Australia. Furthermore, nearly 7.6 million immigrants from all over the world called Australia home. Australia currently has 29.8% of the world’s international population.

What are the benefits of immigrating to Australia?

Everyone nowadays is looking for new opportunities, and Australia’s Immigration is the best option. In Australia, you can finish your education, work, and start a business. Simply by residing in a foreign country, you can improve yourself in a variety of ways. It’s an interesting game to visit and live in a different location, as well as learn about a different culture and customs away from home. Before you know it, this will have changed your life in unfathomable ways, and you will be a completely different person professionally. Some of the advantages of moving to Australia include:

  • High demand for skilled immigrant talent
  • Simple immigration process
  • Free education and healthcare
  • Better standard of living
  • Your kids will enjoy free education up to 18 years of age
  • You Can get a job offer even before you land in Canada
  • Your spouse and kids would also get PR right away
  • You will get equal rights as a Canadian citizen
  • Medical coverage for your entire family will be free

Your Australia PR points determine your chances of immigrating to Australia. To begin, applicants must receive a minimum of 65 points to be considered for EOI; however, this does not guarantee that they will be chosen and invited to apply. You should have a higher point score to choose from. The higher your eligibility calculation score, the more likely you are to be invited to apply for permanent residency in Australia. In Australia, the Immigration Points Calculator considers factors such as age, English proficiency, work experience, education, and so on.

FactorsMax. Points
Age (25-33 years)30 points
English proficiency (8 bands)20 points
Work Experience outside Australia (8-10 years)15 points
Work Experience in Australia (8-10 years)20 points
Education (outside Australia) – Doctorate degree20 points
Doctorate or master’s degree by research in Australia or similar skilled degrees10 points
Study in a regional area5 points
Proficient in community language5 points
Professional year in a skilled program in Australia5 points
State sponsorship (190 visa)5 points
Skilled spouse (Age, Skills & English language requirements to be met)10 points
Spouse or de facto partner with competent English (No need to meet Skills requirement or age factor)5 points
Applicants without a spouse or de facto partner or where a spouse is an Australian citizen or PR holder10 points
What is the Australia Immigration process?

The Australian Government publishes immigration to Australia news on a regular basis, so please stay in touch or subscribe to receive the most recent updates on Australian immigration. We strive to keep you informed of any programme changes, notices, or Australian immigration news. We assist you in understanding your application requirements and obtaining advice.

If you meet the requirements, you might be able to apply for permanent residency right away if the immigration options that are best for your particular situation are open, accepting applications, and available.

On the other hand, you can decide to first travel abroad for education or job and then apply for permanent residency.
You may qualify for various immigration streams in the nation where you study or work if you work or study abroad.
For instance, recent and prior job experience in Canada qualifies you for Canada’s Express Entry’s Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

In addition, several nations permit you to remain there once your study abroad programme is ended.
Among other nations, the UK and Canada provide post-study employment alternatives.

Partners, kids, parents, or other dependant relatives of someone who is either a permanent resident or a citizen of a country may be eligible for permanent residency under that nation’s family stream.

If you meet the requirements for the work stream immigration pathway and/or are sponsored for a work-based visa by an employer in the target nation, you may be granted permanent residence.

There are additional routes to settling permanently. These differ from one nation to the next.

Australia Immigration Eligibility Requirements

Points Requirement: You must score at least 65 points under the Point’s Grid.

Age: Your age should be below 45 years,

Language Proficiency: You should have proof that you have a competent proficiency in the English or French language Via IELTS or PTE or TOEFL.

Health Requirements: To prove your health well-being, you need to undergo a health examination with an authorized Medical Officer of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL):

The applicant must choose an occupation in the following skilled occupation lists. The list contains the fields that are currently acceptable for migration to Australia.

There are three categories of the SOL:

  • Medium- and long-term Strategic Skills List
  • Short-term Skilled Occupation List
  • Regional Occupations List
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